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I offer sessions Monday through Saturday, by appointment.

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Cancellation Policy

48-hour advance notice is required if you are cancelling a session. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. If you are unable to give me 48-hour advance notice, you will be charged the full amount of your session. This amount must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment. Call (415) 454-3400 if you need to re-schedule.

Illness Policy

The one exception is: Please DO NOT make or keep an appointment unless you are at least 24-hrs SYMPTOM FREE. This is an essential consideration for my immune-compromised clients. I reserve the right to re-schedule your appointment if you show any symptoms of illness.



Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo an appointment for whatever reason will be considered a “no-show.” You will be charged for your missed appointment.  If you are a no-show twice, you will have to prepay for all future appointments.


Late Arrivals

If you arrive late, your session may be shortened to accommodate  scheduled appointments that follow yours. Regardless of the length of the session actually given, you will be responsible for the full session payment. 


CranioSacral Therapy at the office

60 minutes - $125

75 minutes -  - $150

90 minutes - $180

Package: 10% off four sessions paid in advance.

A Day At Your Event: Multiple One-Hour, Half-Hour or Mini Sample Sessions - Call For Estimate.

Sessions At Your Home or Office: Call For Rate, adjusted for travel time.

Chair Massage

$100/hour. Details

Session length includes intake/check-in, time on the table, and time for appointment business.

Package Terms: All packages are non-transferable, non-refundable and must be used within six months of purchase. 

Gift Certificates



Visa/Mastercard accepted

If you would like to pay in advance or buy a gift certificate, call or e-mail us and we'll take care of it over the phone or by e-mail.

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Massage and bodywork is provided for the basic purpose of relaxation and relief of muscular tension. Massage or bodywork should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. Massage/bodywork practitioners are not qualified to perform spinal or skeletal adjustments, diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental illness. Nothing said in the course of bodywork sessions should be construed as such. Massage/bodywork should NOT be performed under certain medical conditions. Please fill out your intake form with care and advise us of updates.