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Lisa Bowen

Certified Massage Practitioner (CA #32577)

I love giving a satisfying massage.  As a connoisseur myself, I know how uplifting it can be to take time out of the week for yourself to relax or relieve stress and pain.

As I've completed advanced training and developed as a practitioner, I have gravitated to the light-touch therapies in which much is accomplished by supporting the body and touching it in just the right spots to help it regulate itself.

The body tends to accept very weak forces and polarize against strong forces as a protective mechanism. CranioSacral Therapy uses very light subtle forces in order to affect positive changes that allow the body to rebalance itself to a healthier state.

I received most of my massage training locally at the Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts in San Anselmo and McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland.  I learned advanced techniques for TMJ massage at the San Francisco School of Massage.  I am also a student in the certification program for CranioSacral Therapy through The Upledger Institute.

Also of note, I am a breathing educator with Breathing Retraining Center LLC.  My training includes the Buteyko Breathing Technique.  Relaxation is essential to proper breathing and ease of movement. You can find out more about that at 


"What we do is take away obstacles, like removing stones from the road."

~The late Dr. John Upledger, talking about one aspect of his approach to bodywork, CranioSacral Therapy.

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