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Dentists and Orthodontists

I offer the following services at your office or mine that relate to a couple common reasons people seek dental treatment, namely TMJ and sleep apnea:

  • CranioSacral Therapy, including mouth work.  Tension anywhere in the body can affect the mouth, and I work on the whole body.  But to address the area directly, I don nitrile gloves to perform one or more of the 20 light-touch techniques in the mouth to effectively release pressure and binding within the bones and tissues.  These techniques include releasing and decompressing the maxillae, decompressing the vomer, opening the palatine and zygomatic arches, loosening the tissues of the tongue, and releasing the temporo-mandibular joints.  These procedures work as a whole to allow the mouth to naturally realign and enhance dental work.
  • Massage and stretching of the TMJ area.
  • Presentations on TMJ self-massage
  • Guided progressive muscle relaxation and breathing practices to reduce jaw clenching and postural problems
  • Breathing-retraining programs to stop mouth breathing, initiate nasal breathing and other healthy breathing habits that will help the success of your treatments.
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