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Tips to help your body feel great, and describe our work at Breathe Easy Bodywork in San Rafael, CA. We do CranioSacral Therapy and integrated bodywork. Breathe Easy Bodywork is part of Breathing Retraining Center LLC.

CranioSacral Therapy is one of five modalities listed that integrates trauma.

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The Reddit Tinnitis Cure – Hold your hands over ears and thump the Occiput 50 times. Watch the video!

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“The power that made the body heals the body. Nature needs no help, just no interference.

We live in an age where awareness of the right thing to do in respect to our own wellness is ubiquitous. The challenging question is why we do not. Why would we not choose to live in a state of ease?”

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soul sickness

This article explains a lot of unexplained illness.

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A presentation by Lisa Bowen of Breathe Easy Bodywork on why CranioSacral Therapy may be considered a good modality to address attention issues and learning challenges since so much of the work focuses on the brain and head and spine. The late Dr. John Upledger, a major force in the development of CST, conducted research showing a positive relationship between restricted mobility of the craniosacral system and developmental problems in grade-school children in a research project at Michigan State University. CranioSacral Therapy concerns itself with increasing fluid flow in the central nervous system and releasing tight tissues in the meninges surrounding the brain.

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Amazing brain facts!¬if_id=1479934501491921

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